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    What Are Nutraceuticals Products In Health And Nutrition?

    Nutraceutical combines the words "nutrient," which refers to a healthy food component, and "pharmaceutical," which refers to prescription medication.

    Nutraceuticals are concentrated substances that are derived from food sources and can have positive effects on health, such as illness prevention and health promotion. Omega 3, antioxidants, and probiotics are a few examples of nutraceuticals.

    These nutraceutical supplements aid in the fight against some of the biggest health issues of our time, including cholesterol, osteoporosis, diabetes, cancer, and obesity.

    Nutraceutical tablets are known for their psychological benefits as they are natural and have negligible side effects.

    What Are The Sources Of Nutraceuticals?

    Dietary supplements, herbal products, genetically modified foods, and vitamins are some of these products. They are rich in bioactive substances that are sourced from natural sources, offer physiological advantages, and help prevent and treat disease.

    What Is The Importance Of Nutraceuticals

    Due to their potential for enhancing nutrition, safety, and therapeutic outcomes, nutraceuticals have received a lot of attention during the past few years.

    Nutraceuticals can be used to boost physical well-being, combat daily struggles like stress, lengthen life, prolong life, promote health, prevent chronic diseases, delay the aging process, or simply support the body's integrity and functions. These products are said to be beneficial for preventing Diabetes, kidney and gastrointestinal problems, as well as various infections.

    Nutraceuticals also help to overcome oxidative stress including allergies, Alzheimer's disease, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, eye conditions, Parkinson's diseases, and obesity.

    Who Regulates Nutraceuticals In India?

    For the Indian market, the FSSAI has established regulatory standards for the approval of nutraceuticals.

    What Is The Role Of Top Nutraceutical Companies In India

    In order to treat many ailments that are linked to nutrition, there is a growing demand for therapeutic foods. There are numerous nutraceutical companies in India that produce these products to satisfy the rising demand for them.

    Since nutritional supplements are typically made from naturally occurring ingredients, they have an advantage over pharmaceuticals in that they rarely have negative effects. Many nutraceutical companies in India manufacture these supplements as an alternative to modern medications to improve health, add to the nutritional value of food, and lengthen life expectancy.

    The interest in food prescriptions has developed gloriously as Nutraceutical tablets are effective and safe as they are nutritionally related.