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At ZeroHarm, we are inspired by the powerful vision of safeguarding humanity from harm. To bring this vision to fruition, we turn to the boundless bounty of nature, that provides us with everything we need to combat and push back disease. And the precision of cutting- edge science, particularly nanotechnology, that unlocks nature's full potential for the well- being of all mankind.

This dynamic fusion of nature and science, as embodied in our evolving range of products, is a beacon at the forefront of promoting robust health and pushing back the boundaries of illness. With the harmonious alliance of nature and science on your side, rest assured you will come to ZeroHarm.

From Source to Solution - Nano-Innovation at Its Finest



We select premium ingredients from original farms prioritizing quality. Wild grown for purity, our plants thrive in pristine conditions. Region-specific from NE, Himalayan, and South regions. Rigorous testing ensures top-quality, and we proudly collaborate with farmer communities for sustainable practices.



We prioritize extracting maximum benefits from components through our aqueous extraction process. Unlike solvent-based methods with chemical residues and environmental impact, our non-solvent aqueous extraction ensures Zero Harm. This disruptive technology guarantees product effectiveness, safety, and eco-friendliness.



Our products are widely manufactured using cutting-edge patent pending nanotechnology due to which the ability of ingredients regarding solubility, its availability to the body, and stability is improved. There are various unique properties associated with nanoparticles that involve small size and a high surface-to-volume ratio.



Using our nano-technology one or more active ingredients of desired product are encapsulated. It is commonly adopted to form a protecting layer for a particular compound and preventing it from leaching out before reaching the targeted site. Nano encapsulation enhances availability of the desired compound through improved uptake at cellular surfaces.



To ensure hygiene and preserve the efficacy of the tablets, we utilize glass bottles for packaging. This choice helps safeguard the product's quality, particularly in hot and humid conditions.

Zeroharm for Farmer

Seeding change
ZeroHarm is helping farmers in the north-east adopt agronomical practices to optimise crop health, quality and yield. From soil management to crop rotation, we integrate our knowledge of social science, plant genetics and environmental products to provide efficient, responsible and economically viable alternatives for the farmer community.


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  • Institute

    ZeroHarm Sciences pioneers innovation, collaborating with top institutions for rigorous clinical studies. Our commitment to excellence ensures scientifically validated, transparent, and safe nutraceuticals for evidence-based wellness solutions.

  • Critical Unit

    Enhance your health with ZeroHarm Sciences Pvt Ltd's cutting-edge supercritical extraction. Operating at Guwahati Biotech Park, our advanced process ensures pure, potent compounds for unparalleled nutraceutical quality. Free from contaminants, our products provide maximum bioavailability. Discover nature's essence in our meticulously crafted wellness solutions. Trust ZeroHarm Sciences for innovative, integrity-driven products.

  • Farmer

    Explore well-being with Zeroharm Sciences Pvt Ltd. In harmony with nature, we collaborate with 10,000+ Northeast Indian farmers for premium nutraceutical ingredients. Prioritizing sustainability and community empowerment, we guide farmers in cultivating medicinal plants, ensuring ethical and responsible sourcing. Each product not only embraces nature's benefits but also supports community livelihoods.

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Our Patented Technology

6 Clinical trials going on in US

Holo Oncolis

Nanoformulations comprising two or more bioactive phytochemicals from turmeric and methods of producing the same. The present invention deals with advanced nanoparticles and nanoformulations providing health benefits from multiple biomolecules from turmeric while improving their bioavailability and ensuring stability of the formulations.

Holo Arthritis

Introducing groundbreaking nutraceutical formulation focused on supporting joint health and mobility. Leveraging advanced nanotechnology, the formulation encompasses a strategic blend of Nano-encapsulated natural extracts, essential minerals, and vitamins. This Nano-formulation process enhances the bioavailability and absorption of the active compounds, promising potential relief from joint pain, reduced inflammation, and improved joint function. Key ingredients include a complex of Nano-sized curcuminoids, and Nano-formulated Ashwagandha.

Holo Eyeris

Enhanced Formulation Of Carotenoid-Based Eye Health Supplement With Nanotechnology. This innovative approach holds great potential for proactive eye care in the digital era, presenting a promising solution to enhance eye health.This invention introduces an advanced nutraceutical formulation combining natural carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin extracted from Marigold flowers with cutting-edge nanotechnology, enhancing nutrient absorption and bioavailability. The resulting formulation extends not only to the development of novel materials with unique properties but also offers comprehensive eye protection by shielding against oxidative stress, ultraviolet (UV) light, and blue light.

Gut Army

Pioneering synbiotic composition poised to revolutionize gastrointestinal health and overall well-being. Informed by the dynamic interplay between nutraceuticals and microbiome engineering, the invention showcases a meticulous fusion of 25 clinically validated spore-based bacterial strains and psyllium husk, a potent prebiotic.The composition's strategic design seeks to restore microbial equilibrium, alleviate common digestive discomforts, and potentially enhance immune responses. By introducing this synbiotic blend, the innovation emerges as a transformative contribution to the fields of nutraceuticals and microbiome engineering, empowering individuals to embark on a path towards optimized digestive health and mproved quality of life. Clinical studies are going on, once we published the results we will provide the document.

Holo Liver Detox

Path-breaking nutraceutical formulation focused on liver health and detoxification. Leveraging advanced nanotechnology, the formulation encompasses a strategic blend of nano-encapsulated natural extracts and vitamins. This Nano-formulation process enhances the bioavailability and absorption of the active compounds, reduced inflammation, and improved liver health. Key ingredients include a complex of nano-sized milk thistle, and nano-formulated dandelion. The formulation also contains Curcumin derived from Turmeric, associated with anti-inflammatory effects. This innovative nutraceutical product holds the potential to address detoxification of the liver. Clinical studies are going on, Once we published the results we will provide the document.

Iron & Folic Acid

An advanced nutraceutical formulation combining plant-based iron, extracted from curry leaves extract and folic acid extracted from yasthimadhu extract with cutting-edge nanotechnology, to enhance nutrient absorption and bioavailability.The resulting nanoformulation supports health benefits without any side effects.This innovative approach holds great potential for iron and folic acid absorption and bioavailability, presenting a promising solution to enhance gut health and resilience while addressing modern environmental challenges.

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Our thanks to our many partners, who are committed to helping us pioneer nutritional science for the optimal health of all mankind.