"Kidney Health Enhanced by Nano Innovations"
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Holo Kidney Detox Tablets

Flushes Out Toxins & Waste
Maintains Overall Kidney Health
Helps in Kidney Stones Deformation
Manages Creatinine Levels
Holo Kidney Detox, a plant-based supplement, combines rare natural extracts like Varuna, Punarnava, Patharchatta, Gokhru, and Pashanbhed. It removes kidney toxins, prevents stones, manages creatinine, eases pain, fights infections, and enhances overall kidney function.
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Twice a day

30 min after breakfast & dinner

3 Months For Better Results


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Serving per day: 2 Tablets

Serving size: 1 Tablet (600 mg)


Varuna97.4 mg
Punarnava77.3 mg
Pathachata70.6 mg
Gokhru77.3 mg
Pashanbhed77.3 mg


Energy0.30 kcal
Protein0.04 g
Carbohydrates0.03 g
Dietary Fiber0.01 g
Fat0.01 g
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Nature's Purity, Science's Precision

4 Reasons to Buy


Pristine, Wild Grown Ingredients

Aqueous Extraction

Chemical-free herbal extract process

Nano-Potent Boost

Enhanced ingredient solubility & absorption

Protected Packaging

Glass bottles for preserved potency


100% of ingredients Made Traceable showcasing each supplier and final place of manufacturing for all active and other ingredients, because not all ingredients are created equal.

Varuna:(97.4 mg)
Varuna, also known as Crataeva nurvala, may have potential diuretic properties and support kidney health by promoting the elimination of waste and toxins from the body.
Punarnava:(77.3 mg)
Punarnava is traditionally used for kidney and urinary tract health. It may have diuretic properties and help maintain kidney function.
Pathachata:(70.6 mg)
Pathachata, or Patha, may have potential anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects, supporting kidney health and urinary system function.
Gokhru:(77.3 mg)
Gokhru, also known as Tribulus terrestris, is traditionally used for kidney and urinary health. It may have diuretic properties and support kidney function.
Pashanbhed:(77.3 mg)
Pashanbhed, or Bergenia ligulata, is believed to support kidney health by potentially preventing the formation of kidney stones and promoting urinary health.

Why Zeroharm Supplements Are The Best?

Consumer Studies


Users experienced eased pain while urinating and a reduction in the burning sensation with our supplement.


The supplement contributed to regulated creatinine levels in users.


Users found relief from kidney pain after using our supplement.

What to Expect

Month 1

Eases pain and burn during urination

Varuna & Punarnava assist in regulating urine output, preventing UTIs and regulating creatinine levels.

Month 2

Regulates Creatinine Levels

Punarnava & Varuna support kidney function, reducing creatinine levels for improved kidney health.

Month 3

Relieves pain in Kidneys

Experience relief from kidney pain and inflammation with Varuna, preventing stone formation.

Customer Reviews

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Holo Kidney Detox Tablets

Kidney detox

I am using last 20 days this product and feeling well. Weldone Zeroharm

Sylvia khumba

Can I stop doing dialysis after taking this medicine

Mohan Charan Swain

I take more than one week,I fill some improvement

Kishor Nagvekar


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is Holo Kidney Detox?

Holo Kidney Detox is a natural product formulated to support optimal kidney health. It includes a blend of traditional herbal extracts such as Varuna, Punarnava, Pathachata, Gokhru, and Pashanbhed. These herbs, crafted using nano-technology, work together to flush out harmful toxins and impurities from the kidneys, promoting overall kidney health​​.

What are the key ingredients in Holo Kidney Detox Tablets?

The tablets contain Varuna (97.4 mg), Punarnava (77.3 mg), Pathachata (70.6 mg), Gokhru (77.3 mg), and Pashanbhed (77.3 mg)​​.

What is the nutritional content of these tablets?

Each tablet provides 0.30 kcal of energy, 0.04 g of protein, 0.03 g of carbohydrates, 0.01 g of dietary fiber, and 0.01 g of fat​​.

How should I take Holo Kidney Detox Tablets?

The recommended dosage is one tablet after a meal twice a day.

Who can benefit from Holo Kidney Detox Tablets?

These tablets are beneficial for those looking to promote kidney health, treat various kidney disorders, remove toxins, prevent kidney stones, manage creatinine levels, fight kidney pain and infections, and flush out impurities from the kidneys​​.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Being plant-based and naturally sourced, these capsules typically have minimal side effects. However, those with allergies, pregnant, lactating, or under medical treatment should consult their healthcare provider.

Can I Take These Capsules Alongside My Regular Diet?

Yes, these capsules can be taken as part of your regular diet. However, for optimal health benefits, it's recommended to maintain a balanced diet, rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Is This Supplement Suitable for Everyone?

While it's suitable for most adults, individuals with specific health conditions, pregnant or lactating women, and those with food allergies should consult a healthcare provider before use.

How Long Should I Use the Product to See Results?

Results vary individually. Consistent use as per the recommended dosage is crucial. It's advisable to use the product for 3-4 months to fully gauge its effectiveness.