"Sustainable weight loss of up to 10 kg in 3 months"
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Zeroharm Fat Burner Tablets

Loose Weight Naturally
Controls Appetite
Boosts Metabolism
Lower Cholesterol
ZEROHARM Fat Burner tablets | Metabolism booster & weight loss supplement 

Supported 1,00,000+ customers in achieving weight loss with Fat Burner Tablets, a 100% plant-based formula with garcinia cambogia, green tea & coffee extract, and apple cyder vinegar extracts, utilizes nanotechnology for effective weight management. Assists in natural weight loss, control appetite & boosts metabolism.

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Twice a day

30 min after breakfast & dinner

3 Months For Better Results


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 Serving per day: 2 Tablets

 Serving size: 1 Tablet (550 mg)

IngredientsQuantity% RDA
Garcinia Cambogia104 mg**
Green Coffee Bean Extract121 mg**
Green Tea Extract81 mg**
Apple Cider Vinegar (Malus Pumila Mill)94 mg**

** % RDA values not established 


Nutrients Quantity
Energy3.2 KCal
Protein0.04 mg
Carbohydrates0.10 mg
Dietary Fiber0.07 mg
Fat0.01 mg


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Nature's Purity, Science's Precision

4 Reasons to Buy


Pristine, Wild Grown Ingredients

Aqueous Extraction

Chemical-free herbal extract process

Nano-Potent Boost

Enhanced ingredient solubility & absorption

Protected Packaging

Glass bottles for preserved potency


100% of ingredients Made Traceable showcasing each supplier and final place of manufacturing for all active and other ingredients, because not all ingredients are created equal.

Garcinia Cambogia:(104 mg)
Garcinia Cambogia can help suppress appetite and inhibit fat production due to its active ingredient, hydroxycitric acid (HCA). It may aid in weight management.
Green Coffee Bean Extract:(121 mg)
Green Coffee Bean Extract contains chlorogenic acid, which can boost metabolism and help in burning fat. It may support weight loss efforts.
Green Tea Extract:(81 mg)
Green Tea Extract contains catechins that increase thermogenesis and fat oxidation, potentially aiding in fat burning and weight loss.
Apple Cider Vinegar (Malus Pumila Mill):(94 mg)
Apple Cider Vinegar may help control blood sugar levels and reduce appetite, which can contribute to weight management.

Why Zeroharm Supplements Are The Best?

Consumer Studies


Users experienced improved appetite control by incorporating our holistic supplement into their routine.


users experienced regularised the energy metabolism cycle, promoting consistent energy levels.


users witnessed sustainable weight loss of 4 to 6 kilos by integrating our holistic supplement with their lifestyle.

What to Expect

Month 1

Appetite control

Experience reduced appetite, increased energy, and better eating habits.

Month 2

Energy metabolism cycle would be regularised

Stabilized energy levels lead to effective weight loss through optimized metabolism.

Month 3

4 to 6 Kilos of sustainable weight loss

Achieve 4-6 kgs sustainable weight loss, promoting a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1988 reviews

I’ve order 4 bottles…..im most hardest worker of all time but ive try many pills and liquid for losing weight but it doesn’t worked but i saw zeroharm sciences prodguct frm Ig ..it was amazing for me slowly2 i lose my weight that’s how id liked they produced so much in 2 month ive lose 9 kg Ty @thankyouzerohamseinces🤍🤍


It's really work I loose 11 kg in 3 months good product


I had tried countless weight loss methods, but nothing worked until I found this incredible product. From 115kg to a fit 75kg, it's the key to success. click here to order this life-changing product now!

Shagufta Parveen

Result is amazing……loses 9kg👉🏻 3months😇


What's better is that it contains only natural ingredients, ensuring that only pure substances enter your body rather than chemicals. Having gained a lot of weight after being in lockdown. This considerably decreased that.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How Fat Burner Tablets Help in Weight Loss?

Fat burner tablets aid weight loss through sustained release and nanoformulation, ensuring 70% active ingredients are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This makes them 100% bioavailable for efficient fat burning.

What are the Key Ingredients and Their Benefits?

Garcinia Cambogia: 104 mg Green Coffee Bean Extract: 121 mg Green Tea Extract: 81 mg Apple Cider Vinegar (Malus Pumila Mill): 94 mg These ingredients work together to control appetite, boost metabolism, and support fat burning in the body.

What is the Nutritional Value of the Tablets?

Each serving (1 tablet) provides 3.2 KCal of energy, 0.04 mg of protein, 0.10 mg of carbohydrates, 0.07 mg of dietary fiber, and 0.01 mg of fat.

How Should I Take These Tablets?

The recommended dosage is one tablet twice a day after a meal or as directed by your healthcare professional.

What Makes This Supplement Unique?

The patent-pending formulation process and nanotechnology ensure precision care with 90 times higher efficacy, even with a much lower dosage.

Are There Any Side Effects?

NO SIDE-EFFECTS Unlike regular weight loss tablets, the ZeroHarm Fat burner does not cause any allergic reactions. Our supplement contains natural ingredients that are tested for purity and potency making it the best pill to lose fat.

Can I Take These Capsules Alongside My Regular Diet?

Yes, these capsules can be taken as part of your regular diet. However, for optimal health benefits, it's recommended to maintain a balanced diet, rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Is This Supplement Suitable for Everyone?

While it's suitable for most adults, individuals with specific health conditions, pregnant or lactating women, and those with food allergies should consult a healthcare provider before use.

How Long Should I Use the Product to See Results?

Results vary individually. Consistent use as per the recommended dosage is crucial. It's advisable to use the product for 3-4 months to fully gauge its effectiveness.