Advanced Nanotechnology Clinically Proven No Side Effects 100% bioavailable
Advanced Nanotechnology Clinically Proven No Side Effects 100% bioavailable
Advanced Nanotechnology Clinically Proven No Side Effects 100% bioavailable

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We select premium ingredients from original farms prioritizing quality. Wild grown for purity, our plants thrive in pristine conditions. Region-specific from NE, Himalayan, and South regions. Rigorous testing ensures top-quality, and we proudly collaborate with farmer communities for sustainable practices.



We prioritize extracting maximum benefits from components through our aqueous extraction process. Unlike solvent-based methods with chemical residues and environmental impact, our non-solvent aqueous extraction ensures Zero Harm. This disruptive technology guarantees product effectiveness, safety, and eco-friendliness.



Our products are widely manufactured using cutting-edge patent pending nanotechnology due to which the ability of ingredients regarding solubility, its availability to the body, and stability is improved. There are various unique properties associated with nanoparticles that involve small size and a high surface-to-volume ratio.



Using our nano-technology one or more active ingredients of desired product are encapsulated. It is commonly adopted to form a protecting layer for a particular compound and preventing it from leaching out before reaching the targeted site. Nano encapsulation enhances availability of the desired compound through improved uptake at cellular surfaces.



To ensure hygiene and preserve the efficacy of the tablets, we utilize glass bottles for packaging. This choice helps safeguard the product's quality, particularly in hot and humid conditions.

Meet the Founder

Swetha Darbarwar

Our aim is to safeguard humanity from harm, thus the name ZeroHarm was coined. Our commitment is to integrate science and nature to set new standards of precision and efficacy in plant-based medications. With holistic care and nutrition, helping one live sustainably.

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What leading industry experts have to say

ZeroHarm’s comprehensive approach to holistic wellness is revolutionary. As an expert, I wholeheartedly endorse their dedication to nurturing health from within.

Dr. Shalini Patodiya

Dermatologist & Holistic Wellness Expert

I’ve seen remarkable transformations with ZeroHarm’s holistic care. Their commitment to overall well-being and natural health solutions is exemplary in today’s healthcare landscape.

Dr. Bharat Patodiya

Consultant Medical Oncologist, Lung & Breast Cancer Specialist

ZeroHarm’s holistic vision reshapes health standards. I proudly support their integrative approach that empowers individuals towards sustained well-being and vitality.

Dr. Sudhakar Darbawar

Promotes & Director,45 Years Of Experience in Medical Field as a Practising Doctor

Having witnessed ZeroHarm’s impact firsthand, I believe in their holistic methods for women’s care. Their comprehensive approach fosters empowerment and enduring health.

Dr. Snehal R Pansare

Advisor-Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

As a Specialist , I commend ZeroHarm's holistic approach. Their comprehensive solutions prioritize root causes, empowering patients towards lasting wellness.

Dr. Nitin Darbawar


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