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Zeroharm Fat Burner Supplements

100% plant-based formula with Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea & Coffee Extract, and Apple Cider Vinegar.


 Serving per day: 2 Tablets

 Serving size: 1 Tablet (550 mg)

IngredientsQuantity% RDA
Garcinia Cambogia104 mg**
Green Coffee Bean Extract121 mg**
Green Tea Extract81 mg**
Apple Cider Vinegar (Malus Pumila Mill)94 mg**

** % RDA values not established 


Nutrients Quantity
Energy3.2 KCal
Protein0.04 mg
Carbohydrates0.10 mg
Dietary Fiber0.07 mg
Fat0.01 mg


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Based on 1994 reviews

Result is amazing……loses 9kg👉🏻 3months😇

Geeta Arora
Burning fat

I am satisfied this product....


I had tried countless weight loss methods, but nothing worked until I found this incredible product. From 115kg to a fit 75kg, it's the key to success. click here to order this life-changing product now!

So far it is Gud I just started and I feel little light on my body

I have to complete the full course than only I give the final answer


Balancing a corporate job and maintaining a healthy weight seemed impossible but Zeroharm's fat burner fit perfectly into my busy schedule and helped me lose 11 kg.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How Fat Burner Tablets Help in Weight Loss?

Fat burner tablets aid weight loss through sustained release and nanoformulation, ensuring 70% active ingredients are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This makes them 100% bioavailable for efficient fat burning.

What are the Key Ingredients and Their Benefits?

Garcinia Cambogia: 104 mg Green Coffee Bean Extract: 121 mg Green Tea Extract: 81 mg Apple Cider Vinegar (Malus Pumila Mill): 94 mg These ingredients work together to control appetite, boost metabolism, and support fat burning in the body.

What is the Nutritional Value of the Tablets?

Each serving (1 tablet) provides 3.2 KCal of energy, 0.04 mg of protein, 0.10 mg of carbohydrates, 0.07 mg of dietary fiber, and 0.01 mg of fat.

How Should I Take These Tablets?

The recommended dosage is one tablet twice a day after a meal or as directed by your healthcare professional.

What Makes This Supplement Unique?

The patent-pending formulation process and nanotechnology ensure precision care with 90 times higher efficacy, even with a much lower dosage.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Being plant-based and naturally sourced, these capsules typically have minimal side effects. However, those with allergies, pregnant, lactating, or under medical treatment should consult their healthcare provider.

Can I Take These Capsules Alongside My Regular Diet?

Yes, these capsules can be taken as part of your regular diet. However, for optimal health benefits, it's recommended to maintain a balanced diet, rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Can both men and women use Zeroharm Fat Burner?

Yes, Zeroharm Fat Burner is designed for both men and women. It's formulated to support weight loss and metabolism boosting for anyone looking to enhance their health and fitness routine.

What happens if I stop using Zeroharm Fat Burner after achieving my desired weight?

Sustaining your weight loss after stopping the Zeroharm Fat Burner involves maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We advise continuing with a balanced diet and regular exercise to preserve your results. While stopping the supplement itself does not directly lead to weight gain, lifestyle choices play a crucial role in managing your weight long-term.

Can I use Zeroharm Fat Burner while breastfeeding or pregnant?

We recommend not using the Zeroharm Fat Burner during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Always consult with your healthcare provider before beginning any supplement, especially when pregnant or nursing, to ensure it is safe for your specific health conditions.